A.P. Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems
Seventh International Andrei Ershov Memorial Conference «PERSPECTIVES OF SYSTEM INFORMATICS»

15-19 июня 2009 г., Новосибирск, Академгородок, Россия

Список принятых докладов

  • Thomas Studer. Privacy Preserving Modules for Ontologies
  • Ilya Klyuchnikov and Sergei Romanenko. Proving the Equivalence of Higher-Order Terms by Means of Supercompilation
  • Vladimir Zakharov, Egor Kostylev and Petr Bulychev. Anti-unification algorithms and their applications in program analysis
  • Victor Kuliamin. Standardization and Testing of Mathematical Functions
  • Nikolay Pakulin and Vladimir Rubanov. A Flexible Approach to Automated Development of Cross Toolkits for Embedded Systems
  • Dmitry Kichigin. A Method for Test Suite Reduction for Regression Testing of Interactions between Software Modules
  • Torben Mogensen. Planet Map Generation by Tetrahedral Subdivision
  • Sa'ed Abed and Otmane Ait Mohamed. MDGs Model Checking Reduction Technique in the HOL Theorem Prover
  • Andrei V. Klimov. A Java Supercompiler and its Application to Verification of Cache-Coherence Protocols
  • Geoff Hamilton. Extracting the Essence of Distillation
  • Philipp Kumar and Thomas Baar. Using AOP for Discovering and Defining Executable Test Cases
  • Helen Schonenberg, Natalia Sidorova, Wil van der Aalst and Kees van Hee. History-Dependent Stochastic Petri Nets
  • Robert Gluck. An Experiment with the Fourth Futamura Projection
  • Emanuel Kolb, Ondrej Sery and Roland Weiss. Applicability of the Blast Model Checker: An Industrial Case Study
  • Katerina Dolgova and Alexander Chernov. High-Level Composite Type Reconstruction During Decompilation from Assembly Programs
  • Alexey Khoroshilov, Vadim Mutilin, Alexander Petrenko and Vladimir Zakharov. Establishing Linux Driver Verification Process
  • Margarita Korovina and Oleg Kudinov. $\Sigma_K$--constraints for Hybrid Systems
  • Jean Beney and C.H.A. Koster. SVM paradoxes
  • Victor FELEA. On the Containment Problem for Queries in Conjunctive Form with Negation
  • Jens Kohlmeyer and Walter Guttmann. Unifying the Semantics of UML 2 State, Activity and Interaction Diagrams
  • Thomas Wuerthinger, Michael Van De Vanter and Doug Simon. Multi-Level Virtual Machine Debugging using the Java Platform Debugger Architecture
  • Roberto Barbuti, Daniela Lepri, Andrea Maggiolo-Schettini, Paolo Milazzo, Giovanni Pardini and Aureliano Rama. Simulation of Kohn's Molecular Interaction Maps through translation into Stochastic CLS
  • Andrei Sabelfeld and Alejandro Russo. From dynamic to static and back: Riding the roller coaster of information-flow control research
  • Florian Fischer, Gulay Unel, Barry Bishop and Dieter Fensel. Towards a scalable, pragmatic Knowledge Representation Language for the Web
  • Dominique MERY and Nazim BENAISSA. Cryptologic protocols analysis  using proof-based patterns
  • Nieves R. Brisaboa, Miguel R. Luaces, Oscar Pedreira, Angeles S. Places and Diego Seco. Indexing Dense Nested Metric Spaces for Efficient Similarity Search
  • Dmitry Beloglazov and Valery Nepomniaschy. A two-level approach for modeling and verification of telecommunication systems
  • Artur Niewiadomski, Wojciech Penczek and Maciej Szreter. Towards Checking Parametric Reachability  for UML State Machines
  • Laura Kovacs. A Complete Invariant Generation Approach for P-solvable Loops
  • Alexander Stasenko. A Model of Automata for Visual Description of Syntax Parsing
  • J. Guadalupe Ramos, Josep Silva, Gustavo Arroyo and Juan C. Solorio. Information retrieval from the semantic web based on microformats and semantic networks
  • Andrei Mantsivoda and Anton Malykh. A Query Language for Logic Architectures
  • Margus Veanes, Nikolaj Bjørner. Symbolic Bounded Refinement Checking of Model Programs


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