A.P. Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems
Sixth International Andrei Ershov Memorial Conference «PERSPECTIVES OF SYSTEM INFORMATICS»

27-30 June 2006, Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok, Russia


All the Conference Sessions are held in the Small Hall of the House of Scientists
unless otherwise indicated

Monday, June 26

10.00–13.30 Tutorial (Chair Mikhail Bulyonkov)

10.00 Scott Ambler (Ambysoft Inc., Toronto, Canada)
Agile Software Development: Methodologies, Techniques, and Current Adoption Rates

11.30 Refreshments

12.00 Scott Ambler (Ambysoft Inc., Toronto, Canada)
Agile Software Development: Methodologies, Techniques, and Current Adoption Rates

13.30–14.30 Lunch

14.30–18.00 Memorial events (Chair Alexander Marchuk)

14.30 Visiting Cemetery

15.30 Memorials

Andrei Baehrs (Inst. Informatics Systems, Novosibirsk, Russia)
Masahiro Miyakawa (Tsukuba U Technology, Tsukuba-shi, Japan)
Cornelis H.A. Koster (U Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
Torben Æ. Mogensen (DIKU, U Copenhagen, Denmark)
Victor P. Ivannikov (Inst. System Programming, Moscow, Russia)
Alexander Letichevsky (Inst. Cybernetics, Kiev, Ukraine)
Mikhail Bulyonkov (Inst. Informatics Systems, Novosibirsk, Russia)
Victor Kasyanov (Inst. Informatics Systems, Novosibirsk, Russia)

17.00 Presentation of the book "Andrei Ershov — a Scientist and a Person" & Slide Show

17.30–18.00 Refreshments

Tuesday, June 27

9.15–10.30 Opening (Chair Alexander Marchuk)

9.15 Welcome to PSI’2006 by Andrei Voronkov and Irina Virbitskaite

9.30 Alexandre Petrenko (CRIM, Canada)
Invited Talk: Why Automata Models are Sexy for Testing?

10.30–11.00 Refreshments

11.00–12.15 Session 1 (Chair Andrei Voronkov)

11.00 Walter Dosch, Annette Stümpel (U Lübeck, Germany)
Deriving State-Based Implementations of Interactive Components with History Abstractions

11.30 Ola Svensson, Sergei Vorobyov (Uppsala U, Sweden)
Linear Complementarity and P-Matrices for Stochastic Games

12.00 Alejandro Russo, Andrei Sabelfeld (Chalmers U Techn., Gothenburg, Sweden)
Security for Multithreaded Programs under Cooperative Scheduling

12.15–14.00 Lunch

14.00–15.30 Session 2 (Chair Alexandre Petrenko, Canada)

14.00 K. Rustan M. Leino (Microsoft Research, Redmond, USA)
Invited Talk: Specifying and Verifying Programs in Spec#

15.00 Alberto de la Encina, Luis Llana, Fernando Rubio (U Complutense, Madrid, Spain)
Introducing Debugging Capabilities to Natural Semantics

15.30–16.00 Refreshments

16.00–17.30 Session 3 (Chair Mikhail Bulyonkov)

16.00 Victor P. Ivannikov (Inst. System Programming, Moscow, Russia)
Invited Talk: Grand Challenges in System Programming

17.00 Alexey Grinevich, Alexey Khoroshilov, Victor Kuliamin, Denis Markovtsev, Alexander Petrenko, Vladimir Rubanov (Inst. System Programming, Moscow, Russia)
Formal Methods in Industrial Software Standards Enforcement

19.00–23.00  Welcome Party

Wednesday, June 28

9.00–10.45 Session 4 (Chair Olga Kouchnarenko)

9.00 Kess van Hee, Olivia Oanea, Natalia Sidorova, Marc Voorhoeve (Techn. U Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
Verifying Generalized Soundness for Workflow Nets

9.30 Vladimir A. Zakharov (Lomonosov Moscow State U, Russia), Gabriel Ciobanu (Inst. Computer Science Iasi, Romania)
Encoding Mobile Ambients into the π-Calculus

10.00 Damas P. Gruska (Comenius U, Bratislava, Slovakia)
Limited Timing Attacks

10.30 Roman S. Dubtsov (Inst. Informatics Systems, Novosibirsk, Russia)
Real-Time Stable Event Structures and Marked Scott Domains: an Adjunction

10.45–11.30 Refreshments & Group Photo

11.30–12.30 Session 5 (Chair Frederic Benhamou)

11.30 Stephan Frank, Petra Hofstedt, Peter Pepper, Dirk Reckmann (Berlin U of Techn., Germany)
Solution Strategies for Multi-domain Constraint Logic Programs

12.00 Cornelis H. A. Koster (U Nijmegen, The Netherlands), Jean Beney (INSA de Lyon, France)
On the Importance of Parameter Tuning in Text Categorization

12.30–14.00 Lunch

15.00–21.00 Barbecue

Thursday, June 29

9.00–10.45 Session 6 (Chair Victor Kasyanov)

9.00 Alexander Letichevsky (Inst. Cybernetics, Kiev, Ukraine)
Invited Talk: Basic Protocols: Specification Language for Distributed Systems

10.00 Saeed Parsa, Shahriar Lotfi (Iran U Science and Techn., Tehran, Iran)
An Outline of a Loop Parallelization Approach in Multi-dimensional Cartesian Space

10.30 Alex Shafarenko, Sven-Bodo Scholz (U Hertfordshire, UK), Clemens Grelck (U Lübeck, Germany)
Streaming Networks for Coordinating Data-Parallel Programs

10.45–11.00 Refreshments

11.00–12.45 Session 7 (Chair Cornelis H. A. Koster)

11.00 Torben Æ. Mogensen (DIKU, U Copenhagen, Denmark)
Report on an Implementation of Semi-inverter

11.30 Kiyoshi Akama (Hokkaido U, Japan), Ekawit Nantajeewarawat (Thammasat U, Pathumthani, Thailand), Hidekatsu Koike (Sapporo Gakuin U, Japan)
Program Generation in the Equivalent Transformation Computation Model Using the Squeeze Method

12.00 Vahur Kotkas (Inst Cybernetics at TTU, Tallinn, Estonia)
Preconditions for Structural Synthesis of Programs

12.30 Yrysgul Tursunbay kyzy (Inst. Informatics Systems, Novosibirsk, Russia)
Fully Dynamic Algorithm for Recognizing and Representing Chordal Graphs

12.45–14.00 Lunch

14.00–15.30 Session 8 (Chair Sergei Vorobyov)

14.00 Natalia Ioustinova (CWI, The Netherlands), Stefan Blom (U Innsbruck, Austria), Thomas Deiß (Nokia Research Center, Bochum, Germany), Ari Kontio (Nokia Research Center, Helsinki, Finland), Jaco van de Pol (CWI, The Netherlands), Axel Rennoch (Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin, Germany),  Natalia Sidorova (Techn U Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
TTCN-3 for Distributed Testing Embedded Systems

14.30 Liliana Cojocaru (Rovira i Virgili U, Tarragona, Spain)
Characterizations of CD Grammar Systems Working in Competence Mode by Multicounter Machine Resources

15.00 Margarita Korovina (Inst. Informatics Systems, Novosibirsk, Russia), Nicolai Vorobjov (U Bath, UK)
Satisfiability of Viability Constraints for Pfaffian Dynamics

15.30–16.00 Refreshments

16.30–21.00 Visiting Opera & Ballet Theatre

Friday, June 30

9.00–10.30 Session 9 (Chair Alexander Semenov)

9.00 Sangmoon Shin, Yi Guo, Yongsun Choi, Myeonggil Choi  (Inje U, South Korea)
Development of a Robust Data Mining Method Using CBFS and RSM

9.30 Heinrich Herre, Sören Auer (U Leipzig, Germany)
A Versioning and Evolution Framework for RDF Knowledge Bases

10.00 Sören Auer, Heinrich Herre (U Leipzig, Germany)
RapidOWL — an Agile Knowledge Engineering Methodology

10.15 Yuri A. Zagorulko (Inst. Informatics Systems, Novosibirsk, Russia), Babak Akhgar, Jawed Sissiqi (Sheffield Hallam U, UK), Olesya Borovikova (Inst. Informatics Systems, Novosibirsk, Russia)
A Knowledge Portal for Cultural Information Resources: Towards an Architecture

10.30–11.00 Refreshments

11.00–12.45 Session 10a Small Hall (Chair Alexander Petrenko, Russia)

11.00 Thomas Baar, Slavisa Markovic (EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland)
A Graphical Approach to Prove the Semantic Preservation of UML/OCL Refactoring Rules

11.30 Stefan Sarstedt, Walter Guttmann (U Ulm, Germany)
An ASM Semantics of Token Flow in UML 2 Activity Diagrams

12.00 Thomas Baar (EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland), Jon Whittle (George Mason U, Fairfax, USA)
On the Usage of Concrete Syntax in Model Transformation Rules

12.30 Sergey Lukichev, Gerd Wagner (Brandenburg U of Techn., Cottbus, Germany)
Visual Rules Modeling

12.45–14.00 Lunch

14.00–15.15 Session 11a Small Hall (Chair Mikhail Bulyonkov)

14.00 Sergei Abramov (Program Systems Inst., Pereslavl’-Zalessky, Russia), Robert Glück (DIKU, U Copenhagen, Demnark), Yuri Klimov (Keldysh Inst. Applied Mathematics, Moscow, Russia)
A Universal Resolving Algorithm for Inverse Computation of Lazy Language

14.30 Andrei Klimov (Keldysh Inst. Applied Mathematics, Moscow, Russia)
Specifying Monogenetic Specializers by means of a Relation between Source and Residual

15.00 Dmitri Boulytchev (St. Petersburg State U, Russia)
BURS-Based Instruction Set Selection

15.15–15.30 Refreshments

15.30–16.30 Session 12a Small Hall (Chair Valery Nepomniaschy)

15.30 Olga Kouchnarenko (LIFC, U Franche-Comté, Besançon, France), Arnaud Lanoix (LORIA, Vandoeuvre-Lès-Nancy, France)
How to Verify and Exploit a Refinement of Component-Based Systems

16.00 Natalia Garanina, Nikolay Shilov (Inst. Informatics Systems, Novosibirsk, Russia)
Well-Structured Model Checking of Multiagent Systems

11.00–12.30 Session 10b (Room 220) (Chair Alexander Marchuk)

11.00 Phiniki Stouppa, Thomas Studer (U Ulm, Germany)
A Formal Model of Data Privacy

11.30 Nieves R. Brisaboa, Antonio Fariña, Miguel R. Luaces, José R. Paramá (U of A Coruña, Spain)
Chase of Recursive Queries

12.00 Nieves R. Brisaboa, Antonio Fariña (U of A Coruña, Spain), Gonzalo Navarro (U Chile, Santiago, Chile), José R. Paramá (U of A Coruña, Spain)
Improving Semistatic Compression via Pair-Based Coding

12.30–14.00 Lunch

14.00–15.00 Session 11b (Room 220) (Chair José R. Paramá)

14.00 Andrew Solomon (U Techn., Sydney, Australia)
Pushout: A Mathematical Model of Architectural Merger

14.30 Mark Buckley, Christoph Benzmüller  (Saarland U, Saarbrücken, Germany)
An Agent-Based Architecture for Dialogue Systems

15.00–15.30 Refreshments

19.00–23.00 Concluding Session — Conference Dinner


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