A.P. Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems
Andrei Ershov Fourth International Conference «PERSPECTIVES OF SYSTEM INFORMATICS»

2-6 July 2001, Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok, Russia

Preliminary Programme

Monday, July 2

15.00-18.00 Opening Session, Memorial Session (Chairperson Alexander Marchuk)

15.15-16.05 Igor V.Pottosin A.P. Ershov - a Pioneer and Leader of Programming in Russia (Invited Talk)

16.05-16.30 Comments to the Talk, Slides Show

16.30-16.50 Coffee break

16.50-17.40 Rimma I. Podlovchenko A.A. Lyapunov and A.P. Ershov in the Theory of Program Schemes and the Development of Its Logic Concepts (Invited Talk)

17.40-18.00 Comments to the talk, informal communications

19.00-24.00 Welcome party

Tuesday, July 3

Session COMPUTING AND ALGORITHMS (Chairperson Peter Mosses)

9.10-10.00 Yuri Gurevich The Abstract State Machine Paradigm: What is In and What is Out? (Invited Talk)

10.00-10.30 Svyatoslav S. Lavrov On Algorithmic Unsolvability

10.30-11.00 Coffee break

Session LOGICAL METHODS (Chairperson Valery Nepomniaschy)

11.00-11.50 Jan F. Groote, Hans Zantema Resolution and Binary Decision Diagrams cannot Simulate each other Polynomially (Invited Talk)

11.50-12.05 Nikolai V.Shilov, Kwang Yi On Expressive Power of Second Order Propositional Program Logics

12.05-12.20 Thomas Baar, Bernhard Beckert, Peter H. Schmitt An Extension of Dynamic Logic for Modelling OCL's @pre Operator

12.20-12.35 Valeriy Vyatkin Event-Driven Re-Computation of Boolean Functions Using Decision Diagrams

12.35-14.00 Lunch

Session: VERIFICATION (Chairperson Victor Sabelfeld)

14.00-14.25 Natalia Ioustinova, Natalia Sidorova Transformation of SDL Specifications - a Step Towards the Verification

14.25-14.50 Supratik Mukhopadhyay, Andreas Podelski Accurate Widenings and Boundness Properties of Timed Systems

14.50-15.15 Alexandre Riazanov, Andrei Voronkov Adaptive Saturation-Based Reasoning

15.15-15.30 Robert Eschbach A Verification Approach for Distributed Abstract State Machines

15.30-16.00 Coffee break

Session: PROGRAM TRANSFORMATION AND SYNTHESIS (Chairperson Gregory Kucherov)

16.00-16.25 Thorsten O. Ehm Transformational construction of correct pointer algorithms

16.25-16.40 Kiyoshi Akama, Hidekatsu Koike, Hiroshi Mabuchi A Theoretical Foundation of Program Synthesis by Equivalent Transformation

16.40-16.55 Kiyoshi Akama, Hidekatsu Koike, Hiroshi Mabuchi Equivalent Transformation by Safe Extension of Data Structures

16.55-17.10 Viktor Sabelfeld, Christian Blumenröhr, Kai Kapp Semantics and Transformations in Formal Synthesis at System Level

17.10-17.25 Mait Harf, Kristiina Kindel, Vahur Kotkas, Peep Küngas, Enn Tyugu Automated Program Synthesis for Java Programming Language

19.30-22.00 Beach party

Wednesday, July 4

Session SEMANTICS&TYPES (Chairperson Egidio Astesiano)

9.00-9.50 Peter D. Mosses What Use is Formal Semantics? (Invited Talk)

9.50-10.15 Rogardt Heldal, John Hughes Binding-Time Analysis for Polymorphic Types

10.15-10.30 Torben Æ. Mogensen An Investigation of Compact and Efficient Number Representations in the Pure Lambda Calculus

10.30-11.00 Coffee break

Session PROCESSES AND CONCURRENCY (Chairperson Gianna Reggio)

11.00-11.25 Andrew Galloway Communicating Generalised Substitution Language

11.25-11.50 Irina B. Virbitskaite Observational Semantics for Timed Event Structures

11.50-12.15 Andrei Sabelfeld The Impact of Synchronisation on Secure Information Flow in Concurrent Programs

12.15-12.35 Valery A. Sokolov, Eugeny A. Timofeev Dynamic Properties without Time Measurement and Modification of the TCP

12:35 - 14:00 Lunch

14.30-22.00 Barbecue

Thursday, July 5

Session UML SPECIFICATION (Chairperson Janis Bardzins)

9.00-9.50 Egidio Astesiano, Maura Cerioli, Gianna Reggio From ADT to UML-like modelling (Invited Talk)

9.50-10.15 Ella E. Roubtsova, J. van Katwijk, R. C. M. de Rooij, W. J. Toetenel Transformation of UML Specification to XTG

10.15-10.30 Coffee break

Session PETRI NETS (Chairperson Vladimir Sazonov)

10.30-10.55 Berndt Farwer, Irina Lomazova A Systemetic Approach towards Object-Based Petri Net Formalisms

10.55-11.20 Vitaly E. Kozura Unfolding of Coloured Petri Nets

11.20-11.35 Shenguan Wang, Jian Yu, Chongyi Yuan A Net-based Multi-Tier Behavior Inheritance Modeling Method

11.35-11.50 Coffee break

Session TESTING (Chairperson Michael Bulionkov)

11.50-12.15 Alexander K.Petrenko Specification Based Testing: Towards Practice

12.15-12.30 I.B. Bourdonov, A.V. Demakov, A.A. Jarov, A.S. Kossatchev, V.V. Kuliamin, A.K. Petrenko, S.V. Zelenov Java Specification Extension for Automated Test Development

12.30-12.45 Jan Jürjens, Guido Wimmel Specification-Based Testing of Firewalls

12.45-14.00 Lunch

Session SOFTWARE CONSTRUCTION (Chairperson Alexander Petrenko)

14.00-14.50 Bertrand Meyer At the Edge of Design by Contract (Invited Talk)

14.50-15.05 Andrey Terekhov, Len Erlikh Academic vs. Industrial Software Engineering: Closing the Gap

15.05-15.20 Dmitry Koznov, Konstantin Romanovsky, Alexei Nikitin A Method for Recovery and Maintenance of Software Architecture

15.20-15.35 Dmitry Boulychev, Dmitry Lomov An Empirical Study of Retargetable Compilers

15.35-16.00 Coffee break

Session DATA&KNOWLEDGE BASES (Chairperson Alexandre Zamulin)

16.00-16.25 Kazem Lellahi Conceptual Data Modeling: An Algebraic Viewpoint

16.25-16.50 Sergio Greco, Luigi Pontieri, and Ester Zumpano Integrating and Managing Conflicting Data

16.50-17.15 Gian Piero Zarri A Knowledge Engineering Approach to Deal with Narrative Multimedia Documents

17.15-17.40 Vladimir Sazonov Using Agents for Concurrent Querying of Web-like Databases via a Hyper-Set-Theoretic Approach

Friday, July 6

Session LOGIC PROGRAMMING (Chairperson Jan Friso Groote)

9.00-9.25 Agostino Cortesi, Baudouin Le Charlier, Sabina Rossi Reexecution-Based Analysis of Logic Programs with Delay Declarations

9.25-9.50 Maurice Bruynooghe, Wim Vanhoof, Michael Codish POS(T): Analyzing Dependencies in Typed Logic Programs

9.50-10.15 Yoon-Chan Jhi, Ki-Chang Kim, Kemal Ebcioglu A Prolog Tailoring Technique on an Epilog Tailored Procedure

10.15-10.30 Coffee break

Session CONSTRAINT PROGRAMMING (Chairperson Frederic Benhamou)

10.30-10.55 Dmitry Ushakov Hierarchical Constraint Satisfaction Based on Subdefinite Models

10.55-11.20 Vitaly Telerman Using Constraint Solvers in CAD/CAM Systems

11.20-11.45 Laurent Granvilliers, Eric Monfroy A Graphical Interface for Solver Cooperations

11.45-12.00 Coffee break

Session PROGRAM ANALYSIS (Chairperson Bertrand Meyer)

12.00-12.25 Nikolaj Nikitchenko Abstract Computability of Non-Deterministic Programs over Various Data Structures

12.25-12.50 Guillaume Bonfante, Jean-Yves Marion, Jean-Yves Moyen On Lexicographic Termination Ordering with Space Bound Certification

12.50-13.05 Margarita V. Korovina, Oleg A. Kudinov Generalised Computability and an Application to Hybrid Systems

13.05-14.30 Lunch

Session LANGUAGE IMPLEMENTATION (Chairperson Igor Pottosin)

14.30-14.55 Roland Weiss, Volker Simonis Exploring Template Template Parameters

14.55-15.20 Vitaly V. Mikheev, Stanislav A. Fedoseev Compiler-Cooperative Memory Management in Java

15.20-15.35 Dietrich Birngruber A Software Composition Language and its Implementation

15.35-15.50 Audris Kalnins, Karlis Podnieks, Andris Zarins, Edgars Celms, Janis Barzdins Editor Definition Language and its Implementation

15.50-16.05 Alexei S. Rodionov, Dmitry V.Leskov Title: Oberon-2 as Successor of Modula-2 in Simulation

16.05-16.30 Coffee break

16.30-17.00 Closing session

19.00-1.00 Conference dinner


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