A.P. Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems
Andrei Ershov Fourth International Conference «PERSPECTIVES OF SYSTEM INFORMATICS»

2-6 July 2001, Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok, Russia

List of papers accepted for presentation at PSI'01

Regular papers

  1. B. Farwer, I. Lomazova A Systemetic Approach towards Object-based Petri Net Formalisms
  2. L. Granvilliers and E. Monfroy Visualizing Solver Cooperations
  3. Nikolaj Nikitchenko Abstract Computability of Non-Deterministic Programs over Various Data Structures
  4. Yoon-Chan Jhi, Ki-Chang Kim, Kemal Ebcioglu A Prolog Tailoring Technique on an Epilog Tailored Procedure
  5. Roland Weiss and Volker Simonis Exploring Template Template Parameters
  6. A. Galloway Communicating Generalised Substitution Language
  7. Gian Piero Zarri A Knowledge Engineering Approach to Deal with Narrative Multimedia Documents
  8. D. Ushakov Hierarchical Constraint Satisfaction Based on Subdefinite Models
  9. Natalia Ioustinova, Natalia Sidorova Transformation of SDL Specifications - a Step Towards the Verification
  10. Kazem Lellahi Conceptual Data Modeling: An Algebraic Viewpoint
  11. R. Heldal, J. Hughes Binding-time Analysis for Polymorphic Types
  12. Alexander K.Petrenko Specification Based Testing: Towards Practice
  13. Thorsten Ehm Transformational construction of correct pointer algorithms
  14. Maurice Bruynooghe, Wim Vanhoof and Michael Codish POS(T): Analyzing Dependencies in Typed Logic Programs
  15. I.B. Virbitskaite Observational Semantics to Timed Event Structures
  16. Mukhopadhyay and A. Podelski Accurate Widenings and Boundness Properties of Timed Systems
  17. A. Sabelfeld The Impact of Synchronisation on Secure Information Flow in Concurrent Programs
  18. Vladimir Sazonov Using Agents for Concurrent Querying of Web-like Databases via a Hyper-Set-Theoretic Approach
  19. V. Telerman Using of Constraint Solvers in CAD/CAM Systems
  20. Sergio Greco, Luigi Pontieri, and Ester Zumpano Integrating and Managing Conflicting Data
  21. Alexandre Riazanov and Andrei Voronkov Adaptive Reasoning
  22. Vitaly Kozura Unfolding of Coloured Petri Nets
  23. Agostino Cortesi, Baudouin Le Charlier and Sabina Rossi Reexecution-based Analysis of Logic Programs with Delay Declarations
  24. G. Bonfante, J.-Y. Marion, J.-J. Moyen On Lexicographic Termination Ordering with Space Bound
  25. V.V. Mikheev, S.A. Fedoseev Compiler-Cooperative Memory Management

Short papers

  1. I.B. Bourdonov, A.V. Demakov, A.A. Jarov, A.S. Kossatchev, V.V. Kuliamin, A.K. Petrenko, and S.V. Zelenov Java Specification Extension for Automated Test Development
  2. E.E. Roubtsova and J. van Katwijk, R.C.M. de Rooij, W.J. Toetenel Transformation of UML Specification to XTG
  3. N.V. Shilov, K. Yi On Expressive Power of Second Order Propositional Program Logics
  4. V. Vyatkin Event-driven Re-computation of Boolean Functions Using Decision Diagrams
  5. Shenguan Wang, Jian Yu, Chongyi Yuan A Net-based Object Behaviour Inheritance Modelling Methodology
  6. A. Kalnins, K. Podnieks, A. Zarins, E. Celms, J. Barzdins Editor Definition Language and its Implementation
  7. Karel Jezek and Martin Zima Datalog Extensions and Query Evaluation for Knowledge Processing
  8. Valery A. Sokolov, Eugeny A. Timofeev Dynamic Properties without Time Measurement and Modification of the TCP
  9. Dmitry Boulychev and Dmitry Lomov An Empirical Study of Retargetable Compilers
  10. M. Harf, K. Kindel, V. Kotkas, P. Kungas and E. Tyugu Automated Program Synthesis in a Distributed Environment
  11. Thomas Baar, Bernhard Beckert, and Peter H. Schmitt. An Extension of Dynamic Logic for Modelling OCL's @pre Operator
  12. Jan Jurjens and Guido Wimmel Specification-Based Testing of Firewalls
  13. Kiyoshi Akama, Hidekatsu Koike, Hiroshi Mabuchi A Theoretical Foundation of Program Synthesis by Equivalent Transformation
  14. Torben Mogensen An Investigation of Compact and Efficient Number Representations in the Pure Lambda Calculus
  15. Victor Sabelfeld Semantics and Transformations in Formal Synthesis at System Level
  16. Dmitry Koznov, Konstantin Romanovsky, and Alexei Nikitin A Method for Recovery and Maintenance of Software Architecture
  17. Robert Eschbach A Verification Approach for Distributed Abstract State Machines
  18. Andrey Terekhov and Len Erlikh Academic vs. Industrial Software Engineering: Closing the Gap
  19. Kiyoshi Akama, Hidekatsu Koike, Hiroshi Mabuchi Equivalent Transformation by Safe Extension of Data Structures
  20. Dietrich Birngruber A Software Composition Language and its Implementation
  21. M.V. Korovina and O.A. Kudinov Generalised Computability and an Application to Hybrid Systems
  22. A.S. Rodionov and D.V. Leskov Oberon-2 as Successor of Modula-2 in Simulation


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