A.P. Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems
A.P. Ershov Informatics Conference  •  June, 24 - 27, 2014, Peterhof, St. Petersburg, Russia

Accepted Papers

  • Victor Dubinin, Sandeep Patil, Cheng Pang and Valeriy VyatkinNeutralizing Semantic Ambiguities of Function Block Architecture by Modeling with ASM
  • Sergei Gorlatch. Towards High-Level Programming for Systems with Many Cores 
  • Sergei Grechanik. Inductive Prover based on Equality Saturation for a Lazy Functional Language
  • Alexei Iliasov and Jeremy W. BryansA proof-based method for modelling timed systems 
  • Ilya Klyuchnikov and Sergei A. RomanenkoCertifying supercompilation for Martin-Löf's type theory 
  • Margarita Korovina and Oleg Kudinov. Index sets as a measure of continuous constraint complexity 
  • Radu Mardare, Bingtian Xue and Kim Guldstrand Larsen. Decidability and Expressiveness of Recursive Weighted Logic
  • Torben MogensenSupercompilation for Datatypes 
  • Lidia Sánchez Gil, Mercedes Hidalgo-Herrero and Yolanda Ortega-Mallén. The role of indirections in lazy natural semantics
  • Vinodh Kumar Sunkara and Aamod Sane. Skeblle: A Tool for Programmable Active Diagrams
  • Maurice H. Ter BeekStefania Gnesi and Franco MazzantiModel Checking Value-Passing Modal Specifications
  • Peter ThiemannTowards Specializing JavaScript Programs 
  • Margus VeanesSymbolic String Transformations with Regular Lookahead and Rollback
  • Stefan VijzelaarKees VerstoepHenri Bal and Wan FokkinkBonsai: Cutting Models Down to Size
  • Evgenii Vityaev and Vitaly Martynovich. Probabilistic formal concepts for contexts with negation
  • Ilja Zakharov, Evgeny Novikov, Vadim Mutilin and Alexey Khoroshilov. Modeling Environment for Static Verification of Linux Kernel Modules

  • Michael Dever and Geoff HamiltonAutomatically Partitioning Data to Facilitate the Parallelization of Functional Programs
  • Pavel Emelyanov and Denis PonomaryovOn Tractability of Disjoint AND-Decomposition of Boolean Formulas 
  • Natalia Garanina, Elena Sidorova and Evgeny Bodin. A Multi-agent Text Analysis Based on Ontology of Subject Domain 
  • Natalya Gribovskaya. Timed History Preserving Bisimulation and Open Maps 
  • Damas Gruska. Process Opacity
  • Ping Hou and Yifei Chen. Verification of Temporal Properties of Hybrid Systems Using dMTL
  • Neil Jones and Geoff HamiltonAsymptotic Speedups, Bisimulation and Distillation
  • Martin PlümickeMore type inference in Java 8
  • Anton Podkopaev and Dmitri Boulytchev. Polynomial-Time Optimal Pretty-Printing Combinators with Choice
  • German VidalTowards Symbolic Execution in Erlang 
  • Irina Virbitskaite and Dmitry Bushin. Comparing Semantics under Strong Timing of Petri Nets

  • Ioan Dragan and Laura KovacsLingva: Generating and Proving Program Properties using Symbol Elimination 
  • Kirill Smirnov, Chernishev George, Pavel Fedotovsky, George Erokhin and Kirill Cherednik. The study of multidimensional R-Tree-based index scalability in multicore environment

  • Zhengmao Ye and Habib Mohamadian. Multiple Ant Colony Optimization for Single Depot Multiple Trip Vehicle Routing Problems
  • Andrew Mironov. A sufficient condition of observational equivalence of processes
  • Antonina Nepeivoda. A Refinement of Higman Embedding in Loop Approximation
  • Thomas Baar and Issam Bendaas. Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Graphical Models by Making their Evolution Visible


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